Job Postings:

METTC occasionally receives information about job openings. These opportunities are not affiliated with METTC and their posting here does not necessarily represent an endorsement by METTC. We will do our best to keep these these postings current, but you should do your own research into these opportunities.

We do recommend you begin your research by visiting the American Montessori Society website and their resources on finding employment. We are providing a direct link for you here:

  • Emergency position for trained EI Montessori teacher in Cambridge, MA: We find ourselves in the position of needing a trained LE teacher to fill in. I am reaching out to inquire if you know of anyone (an intern, a retired teacher, etc.) that might be interested in working at Tobin for a minimum of 6 weeks and possibly through the end of the school year in mid-June. Thank you. Best, Erin
    Erin Gutierrez, AMS EC, ELI-II, M.Ed., CAGS
    Montessori Resource Teacher
    Tobin Montessori School
    197 Vassal Lane
    Cambridge, MA 02138
  • Emergency position for Montessori Upper Elementary teacher in Newtown, CT: Karen Sankey just contacted us from Newtown Montessori School in CT. They have an emergency going on and are looking for a UE teacher who is interested in an interim post, probably through the end of this year. Anyone have any leads? Please pass contacts through METTC Co-Director Biff Maier
  •  Guide for Elementary; The Montessori School, Dresher PA has an immediate opening for an Upper Elementary Guide.  Qualified candidate will succeed veteran Upper Elementary AMI guide.  Mentorship provided for one year.
    Our search has been ongoing for one and half years.  We are willing to sponsor training or continuation of training for appropriate candidate.  We would appreciate any referrals you may be able to provide.
    Located on 7 acres in a northern suburb of Philadelphia, The Montessori School is an independent school of about 150 children Toddler through Upper Elementary children, accredited by both The Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools and the American Montessori Society.  We pride ourselves on our authentic practice of the Montessori method, offering a comprehensive Montessori curriculum at each level. 
    Our Upper Elementary program has been in existence since our founding in 1970 and has an enrollment each year of about 30 children.  The program is staffed by two guides and one assistant.
    Please visit our website (below) for complete information. Inquires and candidates should contact me by email, providing cover letter, resume and references.  I am greatly appreciative of your assistance.
    Sincerely, Laura W. K. Stulb, Head of School
    The Montessori School
    Leaders of the Future, Stewards of the Earth, Ambassadors of Peace
    1701 Jarrettown Road, Dresher, PA 19025
  • Newton Montessori School Newton Centre, MA; Hi METTC friends!
    I hope you are all doing well. I am writing to let you know that my school, Newton Montessori School, is hiring an LE teacher.  It's an amazing place to work and a fantastic school that I can't say enough good things about. 
    Please feel free to reach out to me if you are interested.  Best, Lisa Levine (METTC graduate)